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Vancouver Air Conditioning System Repair and services

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Vancouver Air Conditioning System Repair and services

As the temperatures rise the chances of air conditioning needing repair and maintenance also rises. It is best to call a professional to inspect the system for you to make sure if it needs any repair.

Our maintenance program helps ensure that your air conditioning system keeps working throughout the summers without any inconvenience.

So, if you have a broken air condition system, don’t let it steam you. Just call us for an immediate response, day or night, we are always at your service.

Common problems with the air conditioning system

There are a variety of issues that AC systems face, some of it can be fixed at home but it is a better option to let a professional handle it.

If you hear your AC making any strange noises or leaking refrigerant, make sure to call a professional immediately or this can cost you hundreds later.

The issue many homeowners face is that AC is not turning on, which can be because of improperly set thermostat or something with the electric panel.

If you notice water dripping from AC, it is because of clogs in pipes running from AC. Leaking refrigerant is another reason causing ice to accumulate on the coil and drip water.

The AC system is not throwing cold air. It can be caused by wrong thermostat settings or an unchanged air filter system, which is supposed to be changed within every 2-3 weeks.

Another problem most of our clients face is uneven cooling or fluctuating temperatures. Often caused by blocked registers, leaky ducts, and insufficient insulation.

Repair Services in Vancouver

It is an onerous job to find the issues in your air conditioning system and maintenance does not necessarily mean that something is wrong or broken.

Sometimes there are small problems that are not visible and don’t stop your AC from working but they need replacing.

If not replaced at the right time, it can cause other big problems that can be costly. So, it is best to fix all the small issues as soon as you notice them.

For quality and professional services, call us and our skilled professionals. They are the finest in the industry and you can rely on them to provide extraordinary customer service and satisfaction.

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